Good Monsoon Ringing for Kharif (Summar) Crops 2015

Added on July 20, 2015 under News & Updates

The monsoon is India for the summer season of year 2015 is expected to perform better than earlier year and possibly the earlier speculations of less monsoon showers will remain unrealistic.


Kharif Summer Season 2015 Crops Indian RIce
Image Source: Times of India

Recent data on the monsoon till June and mid of July is showing positive trends. The sowing of crops by farmers has increased compared to last year level and if the trend continues then it may exceed last year (2014) and even last to last year (2013) crop yield. However the month of August and September is crucial for monsoon rains and many risk factors till the crops are in field can not be neglected, which if happens may impact the total crop production.


Maintaining the above trends we can easily expect good or may be bumper rice crop production for the year 2015, and if the export orders does not ring to Indian rice industry in coming months then rice prices will remain stable and at low levels.