Pouplar Rice Events & Exhibitions around the Work

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Rice is an integral part of many cultures. Rice cultivation is the primary activity and source of income for millions of households around the world. In addition to being a staple food in many regions, it has also shaped dietary habits of many of its consumers. Due to it’s importance and contribution in the growth and development of many regions and infact, countries, rice is celebrated and paid tribute to by organizing grand rice festivals.
Popular Rice Exhibition

We bring to you a list of some rice festivals around the world replete with fun activities, events and yummy food.So, here you go –


  1. International Rice Festival – International rice festival is the oldest and largest agricultural festival held in Louisiana. Held every year in the month of October in the downtown area of Crowley, the purpose of this festival is to pay tribute to the rice industry that has been an integral part of the growth and success of southwest Louisiana and to the rice farmers responsible for this success.
    The first ever International rice festival was held on 5th of October, 1937 and since then the team has never looked back. A lot of changes over the years have contributed to the continued success, even though rice has always been the main focus of the festival.
    The festival has special events including rice cooking contest, rice eating contest, farmer’s banquet and also the queen’s ball along with two parades namely – The children’s parade and The grand parade. There is entertainment from morning till midnight and it never gets boring.
    Hundreds of volunteers and sponsors have given their time, energy and support over the years to make this festival a great success.

  3. Hawaii Rice Festival – Hawaii has a long history of rice cultivation that began in the early 1860s. But the hand labour techniques used in Hawaii could not match the mechanized production technology of California, the import of rice continued and all the attempts to revive the industry failed. Even though there is no trace of existence of the rice industry in Hawaii, the history of the rice industry and the people who created it will be remembered and the restored Haraguchi rice mill will be a reminder of it.
    Rice is celebrated in Hawaii with a day full of activities including coking and eating competitions, live entertainment, amazing food and more.With numerous food trucks and vendors serving their most popular rice dishes, the event also has a keiki zone, live music and cultural performances.
    It also includes ‘Brown Rice Donations’ for Lanakila Pacific’s “meals on wheels” program, organised to feed needy seniors.

  5. Colleton Country Rice Festival – This rice festival is held annually in Walterboro, South Carolina and features food, fireworks, art and craft, music and other entertainment. Rice in this country arrived first in 1965 and helped in creating enormous wealth. Colleton country was perfect for rice cultivation.The main purpose of this festival is to celebrate the heritage of rice in the community, the beauty of people and land that they believe is a blessing bestowed on them.
    This festival is a full week of family activities and fun. The art and crafts area is perfect for those who love handcrafted items. A special pageant crowns a rice queen who takes her place of honour in the rice festival parade.

  7. Texas Rice Festival – Texas Rice Festival is an annual harvest Celebration held in the first week of October. This Festival started in 1969 to honour rice farming since it is a major economic contributor in the region of South-East Texas. It is held at Winnie- Stowell park in Winnie, Texas.
    This festival is replete with exhibits and shows like antique car show, arts and crafts show, farm equipment, livestock show, open horse show, photography exhibit, rice education tent and a lot more.

  9. International Rice Pro Tech Expo – International Rice Pro Tech Expo is a mega show on rice, dal, flour mill and packaging industry. This expo develops network opportunities which would further cause advancement in the related market sector. A lot of useful information can be gathered along with that about the latest market trends by those interested in the sector.
    Business Empire group is India’s leading post harvesting trade events and publication group whose only aim and motive is to reduce the technical gap and to increase the productivity which brings us to the reason of organizing the International Rice Pro Tech Expo.
    The exhibition is planned after a survey in different corners of India, to know where technology is actually required.

  11. Rice Milling Expo – Rice milling expo is organized to cherish fastest growing Indian rice industry with a vision of becoming the most preferred exhibition on rice industry. This exhibition is supported and governed by various prestigious Indian organizations.
    Companies in the exhibition showcase new technology and products of rice cultivation, harvesting, processing and selling. This exhibition provides with the opportunity to connect with markets, not only in India, but all over the world.


Apart from these, a number of food exhibitions are held around the globe where rice may not be the main emphasis but plays a great role, which include –

  1. Grain Tech India – Grain Tech India is widely known to be India’s largest International exhibition on grains, cereals, spices, oil seeds, feeds, products and technologies.It is supported by prominent Indian argi and food organisations that adds value to the exhibition. In Grain Tech, countries from around the globe interact technologically and display their range of products and technologies.

  3. Sial Paris – Sial Paris is the global food marketplace for everyone involved in the food industry including retail, trade, manufacturing, catering, professionals and services. It began in 1964 in Paris and over the years became the world benchmark for people involved in food and hospitality sectors by bringing the producers and consumers from around the globe together at one place.

  5. Sial China – Sial China is Asia’s largest food and beverage exhibition. The festival welcomes exhibitors from around the globe that showcase diverse products ranging from food materials to gourmet. The main purpose of this exhibition is to offer the opportunity to look deeper into the food sector and discuss the future of food and exchange worldwide along with finding some best practices and solutions to solve food business issues.

  7. Sial Middle East – Sial Middle East is one of the fastest growing food, beverage and hospitality event in MENA region. The event sees a variety and quality of exhibitors and buyers and thus, is the platform for food, beverage and hospitality companies to make their mark in the region.