Written Terms & Contract

At RiceXperts, we follow an agreement in which there are certain terms and conditions along with a written contract between buyers and sellers. It is mandatory for rice sellers to follow it and carry on their business accordingly. Applicable on services, selling, delivery, procurement and quality, we do rice trading on paper, which means we do every transaction on paper so that there is proof of everything. Our services are available only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law.

Once any seller or buyer get registered with us, this agreement shall become effective on the immediate basis. After registration and buyer/seller information forms come into force, it shall signify their acceptance to our terms and conditions. If both the parties no longer want to agree to these terms and conditions in future, they may cancel their registration and buyer/seller information forms at any time. So, we assure our clients that everything shall be based on certain terms and conditions whilst signing a contract and shall be on records as well.